Discards and Scooter – The Stuff of Memories


It’s funny the things we discard

For those of us that wield cameras,

Some images don’t make the cut

(in 2006 this one didn’t, looking back I don’t know why)

But in the time since

Scooter – the stuffed dog

Who in 2006 was stuffed into her book bag on her first day of school

A cherished member of her inner circle

Is now stuffed in a drawer…

…no longer a member of her in crowd

(or SQUAD as the kids today call it)

And the little girls in matched clothing…

…couldn’t be more different these days

9 years past (and counting)

I see the beauty in the discarded moments of these times

When the focus might’ve been on the getting on the school bus

(and not necessarily in the prep time)

(for this WAS discarded after all)

All things aside, I think this is my new favorite photo

If only for a few moments

– 11.13.15 MSD

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