As a mom of two littles, 21 (give or take) months apart I always found myself waiting. Waiting for the next stage…waiting for the next moments that would grant me greater independence from the self imposed prison of motherhood.  Waiting to be able to go out without car seat havoc, buckling and unbuckling, eventually the littles gaining independence and able to click in and click out of the seats on…


Praises get spent Your trick face is bent Pigsties and prizes Cause there’s no kind of ‘well’ You’re suiting yourself You leave yourself behind We will go Nowhere we know ‘Til we find our one and all Your hand me downs Flypaper towns Stuck together One and all “Ramshackle” – Beck from Odelay


I always meant to do this… I always meant to do that… So many projects left started, abandoned I grew bored with texts, photographs, format All of it sits, undone. 11.6.15 – MSD


The love of a father – irreplacable The love of a mother – unimaginable The love of a child – unfathomable But when life and breath are taken away Love does continue to breathe Love does continue to live 11.6.15 – MSD This week was All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day…they’ve been on my mind.  Miss you mom & dad.